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Seven Years Without CV

(Pärnu, Estonia)

Performance documentation, installation at Pärnu Artist House 2009.

It was in November 2000.
I remember this day precisely.
I’ve just finished the series of “White Aledoias”, this series was painted on my old clothes, although first I’ve had a plan to paint flowers but later on, in some reason, I’ve covered canvas decisively with the layers of the white oil paint and that how it stayed. And then I felt something greater, it’s not possible to explain it in the words, it’s inexplicable. Already next day I wrote announcement of disclaiming my CV, I’ve made the announcement in the internet and started to use this announcement widely. So it has been going on for seven years, it turned to be a natural thing for me. In other persons it gave a rise to really different opinions and attitudes.
In November 2007 I felt that this form is not working any more, and then a long period of hesitations and doubts followed, ended up with new announcements and experimenting with different versions. In March 2008 I came to strong persuasion - living with the CV or without the CV has actually no big difference, though both are illusions and neither expresses nor confirms, who I really am.
But this is another story.

On this exhibition are exhibited writings and drawings from the walls of my room during the same period of time. There are quotations from the books, prayers, photos and notes.
January 2009
With regards,
Andrus Joonas